The challenges of e-waste are immense, from the millions of tons thrown away each year causing untold toxicity to the environment and human health to the financial and resource mismanagement of minerals lost in the process. 

Here are some studies worth reading to get an idea of the heavy burden we all pay in e-waste.


"The intrinsic material value of global e-waste is estimated to be 48 billion euro in 2014. The material value is dominated by gold, copper and plastics contents. The annual supply of toxins from e-waste is comprised of 2.2 Mt of lead glass, 0.3 Mt of batteries"

Illicit trade in electrical and electronic waste (e-waste) from the world to the region

"E-waste is classi ed as hazardous waste due to the presence of toxic materials which can be considered either hazardous or non-hazardous waste in accordance with the Basel Convention and can have adverse impacts on both the environment and human health "

Health effects of exposure to e-waste

"Reported adverse effects include: fetal loss, prematurity, low birthweight, and congenital malformations; abnormal thyroid function and thyroid development; neurobehavioural disturbances; and genotoxicity"