Climate Innovation

Climate Technology

"Through its Climate Business Innovation Network, the program convenes local and global institutions to promote the diffusion of innovative business models across borders"

Innovation to Drive Climate Change Solutions

"The Business Innovation and Climate Change Initiative aims to answer these questions through leadership education, multi-stakeholder events, applied research and bipartisan analysis related to clean energy innovation."

Business innovation and climate change: Policy makers must favour dynamism

"policies will be for nought in the absence of a dynamic business environment, particularly one which encourages the entry of new, adventurous firms and the exit of less innovative and less productive firms"

Why business innovation will help build a new climate economy

"Given the scale and pace of innovation required to construct a new climate economy, many incumbent companies will struggle to adapt their business models and practices in the short term. They risk missing opportunities for value creation, and jeopardising their existing markets and reputations if they fail to keep up with consumer expectations."

Ceres Policy Network: Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP)

"The Ceres BICEP Network was founded in 2009 on the understanding that climate and clean energy challenges present tremendous opportunities, but also urgent risks for global businesses"