Who We are and What We Do

Equilibrium is the first company of its kind in Kuwait. It was founded with the aim of spreading awareness of environmental challenges and encouraging innovative ways to tackle them. We believe that building awareness and facilitating cooperation across all sectors of society are essential to building a groundswell of action for the environment.

Equilibrium has worked with companies, organisations, schools and embassies to help them reduce their environmental impact and to increase their understanding of climate change and other ecological issues.

Environmental issues are one aspect of creating a better future so we also push for progressive social and cultural transformation through our support for organisations and awareness campaigns and by screening and supporting films with socio-cultural themes.

The Green Caravan Film Festival

Equilibrium has produced and run the unique cultural event, The Green Caravan Film Festival. Launched in 2009 it is not only the first festival of its kind in the region, but is one of a small number of film festivals worldwide with a focus on the environment. The festival is also a staging ground for cooperation between ngo’s, companies and the public. Equilibrium has partnered with organisations such as the UNDP, Un Habitat and local environmental and health groups to share expertise and promote cooperation between them for the good of the environment and to bring public attention to the work they do.

Equilibrium encourages the use of artistic expression as a way to influence and educate the public. Since our first season in 2009 we have expanded the festival to multiple locations across Kuwait as well as Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar and London.

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Educational & Youth Activities

Equilibrium has paid a great deal of attention to young people, who it knows will carry the burden of all the choices made in the present. It has therefore conducted workshops and presentations at universities and schools in Kuwait on topics like climate change and understanding the science behind environmental problems. Equilibrium has also worked with school environmental groups to help them set up activities and plan their progress. Equilibrium has had a presence at educational institutions like AIS, Bayan Bilingual School, AUK, Kuwait University, ACK and various Kuwaiti public school events. 

School activities have also extended beyond the school gates with Equilibrium taking part in educational activities with the UNDP to help bring wildlife and conservation awareness and education to young schoolchildren. Equilibrium has also advised youth groups like LOYAC on ways to reduce their environmental footprint and spread awareness among their network.

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Equilibrium has consulted with companies to help them integrate environmental standards within their CSR activities as well as helped them to reduce the impact of events. 

Equilibrium has done all this, uniquely, with two Kuwaiti women at the helm, and has managed to work with many different groups in Kuwait and the region to encourage the emergence of an aware and actively concerned public that is pushing for environmental progress. Our clients have included the British Embassy in Kuwait, the Young Presidents Organisation MENA, El Boutique Creative Group, National Projects Holding Company, National Recycling Projects Company, 9714 | Creative Agency | Dubai and Al-Sawani Group.