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Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them
— Albert Einstein

CSR & The Environment

Do you need to include a creative, progressive and powerful environmental strategy as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility? If you said yes then you are already well on your way to making the right decisions.

CSR is a powerful tool to make your company competitive, ethical and worthy of loyal employees and customers. Often the environmental component of a CSR strategy is superficial or not well thought out. Some beach clean-ups or tree planting initiatives are not a strategy nor do they actually deal with the root causes of environmental issues.

As a company, whatever size you may be, you have an obligation to stakeholders to create a formidable environmental plan that takes into account your ability to influence and create positive change.

This workshop will help you:

- Identify paths forward for a clear & suitable environmental CSR strategy for your enterprise.

- Learn ways to engage your team & your customer base to further your environmental goals

- Learn how some common environmental initiatives are actually not suitable for the places you inhabit

- Understand basic environmental issues that would best be tackled by your specific organisation.

- Use what you have learnt to craft a strategy that is original and suited to the needs and spirit of your company

Who should Attend?

Everyone is welcome and there are no prerequisites but this workshop may be most interesting for:

Team leaders - Managers - CSR Team Members - Small Business Owners / Team Members - Individuals curious about Environmental CSR 

Duration: 4 hours

Location: Magnet in Salmaya (MAP)

Certificate of Attendance : Yes

Registration fee: 65 KWD