The Insurance Industry & Climate Change

The insurance industry has long acknowledged the fact of climate change, because they have had to insure the results of it. The rise in natural disasters, as a result of man-made global warming, is clear and recognised. Here you can explore what insurance companies have done to face climate change.

First a podcast from the Centre for International Governance Innovation:

The Insurance Companies

Climate Change: Value at risk to investment and Aviva’s strategic response

Reports from Aviva on how they respond to the challenge of climate change 

"Over coming decades, climate change presents solvency issues to businesses in many different industries, including our own" Aviva

Swiss Re: Managing climate and natural disaster risk

Zurich based Swiss Re is the world's second-largest reinsurer

"Swiss Re understands the relationship between climate and natural disaster risk and how both affect our world" Swiss Re

AXA & Climate Change

France’s largest insurer has taken many steps including a 2015 commitment to divest of coal assets. 

"Over the past 50 years, the frequency of climate-related natural disasters was multiplied by more than 5 and the cost for the society was multiplied by more than 10" AXA