Eco Tips for Homes


This single session workshop will help you identify and remedy common environmental problems you have in your home. It is a basic introduction to improving your living environment, eliminating health hazards and reducing your environmental footprint.

This Workshop Will Help You:

- Understand common health hazards that can affect you and your family

- Reduce your energy consumption with basic and more advanced everyday choices

- Choose the right options for your home including: cleaning supplies, children's toys, housepaint, appliances.

- Avoid pseudoscientific fear-mongering on the internet and use a reasonable science-based approach to staying safe and healthy.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is open to all and has no prerequisites but it will be most interesting to parents and those who want to improve the health and environmental footprint of their homes. It is useful for those with existing homes and those wishing to make decisions for a new home.

Time/Date: October 15th or 20th 9am

Duration: 3 hours (15 minute break)

Location: TBA (Kuwait)

Certificate of Attendance: Yes

Registration Fee: 45 KWD (Registration is only complete after Payment) 10% Early Bird Discount till October 1st

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