Climate of Insecurity

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The coming years will pose threats to security as a result of the Climate Change pressures placed upon the planet. This makes it not just an issue for officials but for those of us planning our futures, building a home or a business or choosing where to live.

This will be an introductory workshop that addresses the future as seen through the lens of climate/security predictions. It will not be highly technical but will leave you with an idea of how to understand the security implications of a rapidly changing climate. 

This Workshop will help you:

- Understand the reasons for the many warnings issued by governments, NGOs and scientific institutions that have called Climate Change the greatest threat to security worldwide.

- Identify major pressure points that climate places on security including: food security, civil wars, and refugee crises.

- Imagine the ways that climate security issues can impact your life including your property, your travel, your business and your access to food. 

Who Should Attend:

This is a workshop open to all and has no prerequisites. You do not require any technical skills. We do recommend you know some basics about climate change or have already attended our Introductory workshop

Date: March 31st 4pm

Duration: 3 Hours

Location: TBA (Kuwait)

Certificate of Attendance: Yes

Registration Fee: 65 KWD

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